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Welcome to Yoga Scotland!

Yoga Scotland has been at the heart of the yoga community in Scotland for over 40 years and we're proud to continue our mission of helping and guiding each person who practises yoga to this day. We seek to help everyone gain greater knowledge and understanding of all aspects of yoga, from the physical poses most people associate with yoga to the deeper practices of meditation and the underpinning philosophy.

Because of our commitment to teaching excellence, Yoga Scotland is recognised by sportscotland as the Governing Body for Yoga in Scotland and we have a network of over 400 qualified, registered and insured teachers. Although it's important to recognise that yoga is not a sport as such, this recognition is a way of establishing Yoga Scotland as one of the key components of the yoga community in Scotland. Working with other yoga associations across Scotland, we seek to bring the healing essence of yoga to anyone who needs it.

We are a registered Scottish charity SC047418.