Journey Towards Meditation

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“At its core, meditation is a blossoming of spirit – an individual reply to a call from within. Unlike the more familiar ways in which we normally think and act, meditation asks us to take a seat and quiet ourselves. Then it whispers to us about how to be creative in life, about what is true and not true, about how to heal and how to mourn, and about the joys that come from simply being, rather than wanting and trying. All this amounts to a welling up of spirit that permeates both heart and mind. . . . . . . . Meditation is more than a simple technique. It is an inward journey. Along the way, seemingly unrelated yogic practices work in accord with one another to establish a stable and enduring centre of health and awareness. Posture is made steady; breathing is smoothed and regulated; emotions are channelled positively; and concentration skills are gradually honed. In the end, an unchanging inner presence is awakened, bringing harmony to body, breath, nervous system, senses, and mind” Rolf Sovik: Moving Inward


You are already on this journey. The basic tools: posture, breathing, relaxation, concentration, are already part of your practice - and your teaching. This day seeks to pull all these strands together, to respond to a deep spiritual yearning - which may yet lie beneath the level of conscious awareness – a desire to know yourself on all levels, to know the unchanging inner presence, to fulfil the purpose of life. Using all these tools, we will work with a simple, well-designed, well organised plan for meditation which is deeply satisfying and which you will want to return to day in and day out.


Jackie began her yoga journey in the late seventies in Glasgow; practised under the guidance of Swami Mukti Devananda Saraswati in Vancouver in the early eighties and trained to teach with The Scottish Yoga Teachers’ Association in Edinburgh in the late eighties. She served on the executive committee of SYTA/YS for eleven years in various roles including treasurer, chairing the committee which wrote the teacher training course and setting up and chairing the OGT programme. She became a hatha tutor for Yoga Scotland on the first Glasgow Teacher Training course around 2000, moving to the Edinburgh course a year later, and was a hatha tutor on the Edinburgh TT course until June 2018. Her main influence since 2005 has been the Himalayan tradition of Swami Rama, learning with Rolf Sovik, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Swami Veda and many others in USA, India, the Netherlands and UK. She teaches yoga and meditation classes in Moffat and Dumfries areas and loves chanting.