Meditation for Children

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Yoga is becoming ever more popular as a useful tool and activity for children. There are many games and fun ways to get children moving through yoga, building physical fitness, strength and flexibility, building confidence and having fun doing it. In fact it seems a perfect fit for children’s energy and natural ability to move their bodies.

Who hasn’t seen a young toddler’s downward dog and not marvelled at how at ease they are at exploring within their bodies? But meditation? How does that work for children? Our image of an adult meditating is generally in a seated posture, becoming still and quietening the mind. Not what we would think of as an easy task for most children.

Meditation for children can look very different. It can be a moving, noisy, creative activity. It can involve walking, drawing, sound, touch and, yes, also stillness, relaxation and peace too. So how do we help the children in our lives to meditate? How can we help children learn the tools to help them move into a place of peace?

This training day will look at some of the ways we can work with children in our families, in our schools and in our young yoga classes to help teach the essence of meditation. Be prepared for some fun!

Andrea Duffin has been teaching for nine years and teaches adult and children’s yoga classes and workshops in the Scottish Borders.She has worked with children in many settings over the years and has completed yoga training for children in yoga and specifically in meditation. Andrea has worked as an assessor for the highly respected Connected Kids programme, helping others to realise their passion in teaching meditation as a therapy to children worldwide.

Andrea believes that as we learn to harness the benefits of yoga and meditation as adults that these tools can be given to children of any age so that they learn to navigate the bigger emotions that we all have and move into adulthood with a stronger sense of self and peace.