Posted 21 November 2018

Yoga Scotland AGM

Our next Event is on the 9th of March at the lovely venue Victoria Hall in Dunblane. 

It is a free day of yoga for anyone (members, non members, students and teachers): the day will include the AGM (please note, the actual Annual General Meeting is for members only). Yoga Scotland Teachers will be donating their time to teach during the day. Generous donations will be appreciated to cover costs of the day only.


Posted 21 November 2018

Yoga Scotland Spring Day of Yoga

Jacqueline Purnell: Ayurveda and Vinyasa Flows to Regulate the Dosas

This event is suitable for all levels of yoga practice.

Bookings: Please contact Maria to book. Online booking will be coming soon.


First Satellite Congress of the EUY

Posted 9 Nov 2018

The first Satellite Congress of the EUY will take place in Catania in Sicily from 26th April to 1st May 2019,
co-organized by the FMY and its president Wanda Vanni.
Its theme will be
Parinama: Transformation!

Guest of Honour : Swami Nityamuktananda

Invited Teachers:
Swami Asokananda, Susanne Bohrmann-Fortuzzi, Roland Haag, Swami Krishnapremananda François Lorin, Willy van Lysebeth, Antonio Nuzzo, Francesca Palombi

Conchita Morera Pérez and Christina Riebesell All teachers are translated into English or French!


Yoga Scotland are members of EUY