Observe, Adjust, Assist

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10:00 - 16:00
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CPD points

NB. This is a development and extension of the 2018 one-day workshop


The day will aim to look at developing the skills required to get to know our students through observation with all senses. This gives us insight into our students’ psychological, emotional and physical journey and allows us to make verbal and hands on adjustments in a minimal and non-intrusive manner. This enables the student to feel safe, seen and valued. Emptying of self before teaching is the key to fine-tuning observation skills. Knowing whether, when and how to adjust a student both verbally and hands on will be covered on the day. 

We will look at the difference between 'adjustment' and 'assisting' in postures, both of which have their place when used skillfully. We will learn techniques for safe, effective, non- intrusive and appropriate adjustment as well as assistance in posture and understanding the difference between the two.  We will also consider the emotional and psychological implications of the adjustments that we make.

Yvonne Austen has been a student of yoga throughout her life and probably couldn't say what first drew her to the practice at 9 years old. It was with a deep interest in Pranayama from the first and an instinctual awareness that this held the key to managing life's vicissitudes. She has continued with a daily practice and it is this committed practice that has fed both her growing understanding and teaching. 


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