Sequencing of Vinyasa Flow to Upward Bow or Wheel Posture

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This day aims to explain the physical origins of the postures leading towards back-bends, including the A&P required for teachers to enhance their students experience to open safely towards the keynote or a modification thereof. To experience a revision of postures required to sequence vinyasa flows towards the keynote. To practise their findings within the framework of vinyasa flow.

By the end of the morning students should:

  • have explored the origins and benefits of back-bends
  • have moved their bodies through vinyasa flows leading towards the keynote posture, with suitable modifications
  • have practised organising the posture.

By the end of the afternoon students should:

  • have qualified useful pavanmuktasana
  • have taken part in a group discussion session on sequencing including standing, kneeling, sitting and supine postures within sequences
  • discussed the session regarding motivation within a group format.

(Participants to bring mat, belt, 4 x blocks and 2 x bricks.)

Jacqueline Purnell is a Tutor BWY Foundation Course One and Two. A qualified BWY Pregnancy Yoga teacher, she also teaches pregnancy classes, post-natal recovery and baby Yoga. She is a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and has completed Astanga Vinyasa teacher training in India with the late Derek Ireland, followed Shandor Remete, and attended teacher training at the Shadow School for six years. Jacqueline appears in the DVD 'Beyond Dynamic Yoga'