Andrea Duffin

Foundation Course Tutor
07735 200362
Yoga Scotland Diploma (includes previous SYTA Diploma)
My name is Andrea Duffin and as well as owning and running The Yoga Mill Centre in Galashiels I teach Yoga to all ages.

I first encountered meditation and relaxation techniques when I was 19, and later on after I had my 3rd child my interest in meditation led me to yoga, as a movement to help my aching body. And it did. First the asana practice helped to heal my physical aches and pains after a difficult pregnancy, then I realised how much more there was and fell in love with the deeper teachings of the practice.

I have been teaching yoga and meditation to adults and children for over 10 years and in 2016 I completed my 3 years training with Yoga Scotland, after my second attempt (My first time in 2010, I took a break to have my 4th child).

The 3 years with Yoga Scotland was a wonderfully intense, in-depth training of 1 year of Foundation Course followed by two years of Teacher Training to gain my 500 hours qualification. I have also completed the 1 year Living Yoga Course with Yoga Scotland.

On the Teacher Training Course we not only learned how to practice, but how to teach this practice. In philosophy we studied the ancient texts to support our personal practice and our teaching. Anatomy lectures helped us gain an insight into why we move in certain ways and how the practice of yoga physically helps our health, physically and mentally.

Of course we are ever the student and I continue to learn through workshops, personal practice and learning something new from each of my students every time I lead a class.

My classes are suitable for everyone, beginners and those wishing to deepen their practice. I teach a hatha class that embodies the whole of yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathwork) asana (postures) and philosophy. And usually a lovely long relaxation to end.

I see yoga as something deeply personal to everyone as we explore our inner landscape through our practice. I love teaching everyone to work intuitively, working from within and meeting ourselves where we are. Finding the essence of our true nature through exploration of the body, mind and spirit.

Classes offered by this teacher

T Term-time only - The class runs during school terms, and stops for holidays. Some class have an extra term over the summer holiday. Contact the teacher for details.