Declan Mair

Website Coordinator
Yoga Scotland Diploma (includes previous SYTA Diploma)
I had first regularly attended yoga classes years ago when looking to get fit and used a yoga class as a weekly stretch. Here I made it my aim in the class to be able to touch my toes, something I wasn’t able to do for years before! This happened much sooner than expected along with several other things! I attended the yoga class for a stretch but quickly felt immense relaxation after each class, I fell in love with the class and looked to explore more. When attending the class I let myself go, falling deeper into my practice, I started to practice at home and explore by myself.

In 2016 I attended the Yoga Scotland Foundation Course, it was a great experience where I learned a lot and met many like minded people. From here I progressed on to the 500hr Yoga Scotland Teacher Training course. Here I have learned the joy of teaching others so they to can find their inner stillness and balance.

I hope in my classes you will allow yourself to explore your yoga, yourself and find your own inner self. Yoga is entirely what you make it, I aim to teach a relaxed class where we can explore and have fun. Yoga truly is a great experience I hope to share with you!

Classes offered by this teacher

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