What is an ayurvedic lifestyle? Part 1

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This session is open to all.

'What is an ayurvedic lifestyle? Some key concepts and practical recommendations'.


Ayurveda is the yogic system of medicine and complements yoga practice perfectly. This is an opportunity to learn more about another wonderful yogic science of health and self knowledge.


This is a 2 day course. The second day develops from day 1 but either day can stand alone.


Part 1:

This day will include:

  • The 3 doshas and their gunas
  • Exploring your prakriti
  • Digestion and its importance in ayurveda.


Both days will include:

  • Yoga practices for different doshas
  • Cooking ayurvedically – some important foods, drinks and spices


Elizabeth Roberts, BA Oxon. M.Phil is an Ayurvedic Educator and Practitioner. (Diploma with the European School of Vedic Studies) Yoga Teacher (Yoga Scotland). Elizabeth has spent her career in education with experience of working at all levels of the education system, as well as in community and adult education. Her subjects have been English, adult literacy and philosophical enquiry. 

Her passions are yoga, ayurveda and the spiritual philosophies of east and west. She has taught  Introduction to Ayurveda courses at Edinburgh University Open Studies Department and with Dr Jenni Connaughton for Yoga Scotland. She is currently the Yoga Philosophy tutor on the Yoga Scotland Teacher Training courses in Glasgow and Edinburgh. She teaches yoga and practices Ayurveda in the Scottish Borders.


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