Yoga as a Healing Art

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January 2019
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News and Community

Yoga can support positive mental health : yoga given the ministerial thumbs-up for mental health - report from Holyrood. 

European Union of Yoga, 45thCongress: Bijam (Jenni Connaughton) reports on her experience as guest tutor.

All Good Things…ELYA: we say a fond farewell to the ELYA as it rolls up its mat for the last time.

Meet your tutors: quick-fire questions and a say hello to new guest tutor, Jacqueline Purnell.

You’re in safe hands: introducing Sandra Kirkham, Yoga Scotland’s new first-aid tutor.

Competition! Win tickets to Scapafest!


My Story

Steering into Calmer Waters: how yoga can enhance the lives of children with autism, by Lilias Nicholls.

Finding Myself Through Yoga: a journey through the fog of mental ill-health to clarity, by Julie McCarvel.

Stay, Present, Breathe, Don’t Panic: Diana Smith finds the stress-busting benefits of a good stretch.


The Poses

4 essential poses for healing: nourish the connection with the self with yin yoga.


The Philosophy

The Resolution Solution: a different approach to creating a whole new you.


Health and Nutrition

The Karmic Kitchen: the perfect time of year to enjoy this warming veggie Moroccan stew.

The Herb Doctor: two simple Ayurvedic remedies to fight the winter sniffles.



  • Letter from the editor 
  • View from the mat
  • Ask the kula
  • Reviews
  • Last Word


Special Features

“It’s your mind that creates this world”: guest writer Esther Ekhart explains how shifting from head to heart allows yoga to become a healing art. 

The Canvas Body: how mixed media of yoga and art helped Denise McNulty paint a new inner landscape.


Magazine Cover Jan 2019, woman's head with hands held close.

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